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Upcoming Show at S.Dot Gallery

So, why do a dollhouse show?

To tell you the truth, I have been having an absolute blast getting ready for this show. Originally set for June, Stephanie asked me to move it up to March of this year. So the past couple of weeks, I have been painting and painting little canvases. I started out think of doing a lot of single canvases, but am ending up with a lot of triptychs, quadriptychs...although, I am not sure I will get into the pentaptychs.  One thing is for sure...this is a polyptych show, no matter how many tychs are involved. Another thing I've finished is a set of techboards, which are tiny skateboards. Cannot wait to see how they look in the house. I think they may be slightly bigger than the scale though, so perhaps they are snowboards?

I am also thinking of including teeny tiny Instagrams, some pen and ink sketches on illustration board, and some sculpture. No matter what, the sky is the limit in this little house. The littlest things are going to seem huge.

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