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4bstr4ct4rt - An International Abstract Collective

In 2008 I founded the online art group 4bstr4ct4rt.

My original mission was to help define exactly what abstract art is, since it seemed to be a dumping ground of a category for pieces that people did not want to define as decorative, illustration, surrealism, etc. It was to gather a certain esthetic of abstract art for abstract artists, as well as those who appreciate abstract art. Over the past five years the group has grown to almost 600 hundred members from around the world.

In 2011 we started to really define the esthetic of the gallery submissions. David Senecal came to the group as a co-founder since he helped define that direction as the gallery curator. Although the work that we include is that of an abstract expressionist quality, it has to possess excellent use of the elements of design in the composition, as well as have a certain emotional connection. I think some of the work is more successful in communicating this quality than others.

We are currently building a "yearbook", the first of many, with artists who have some of our most successful works in the gallery. You can find out more about 4bstr4ct4rt group by clicking here. Everyone is welcome to join, although all work in the gallery must be juried in.

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