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Pagan Prayer Beads

Although I primarily paint acrylic abstract paintings on board or canvas, I also do a lot of work with other mediums. But, before we get to my writings and other artsy things, click here to check out how I abstract from photos and life.

Sublime Rush:

Sublime Rush is an online publication for independent artists, for independent artists. Click here to learn more.


An international abstract collective that began in 2008, now has almost 600 members from around the world. Click here for more.



If you are interested in a work, please contact me for more information. Please note that I am able to take credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal transfers for payment. I also have some work available on Etsy. Click here for more information.


Jewelry Making:

Before I started painting I was making jewelry. Click here to see more.


Pen & Ink Illustrations:

Although I almost exclusively paint abstract acrylic, on occasion I like to make detailed line drawings. One day, when I have around twenty of them, I would love to publish a coloring book.

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