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So many adventures, so little time. Don't worry, though. I will make time. I'll always have some news about something or someone on this page. Probably and most likely relating to me, because this is my website after all. But no worries, I like to talk about interesting peoples, as well. I will also be bloggin' here with the stuff that just happens to fall out of my brains and becomes written in the internet inks.


Color, Line & Shape
At City Art Center - Delaware, Ohio

The Color, Line, & Shape abstract show has been extended untl the end of February. There will be an abstract watercolor/acrylic workshop on Saturday, February 16th. Click here to see more.


2013 Landscapes Calendar
​Still Available

2013 Calendars are still available. Click here for more information.


Sublime Rush Issue 009 Delayed
The Long Sabbatical

You may think the magazine has come to an end, but it has not. My life just went a little haywire last year, and it has taken a bit longer than I expected to get this portion back on line. More to here.


And we will publish our first book soon!

Click here to learn more about 4bstr4ct4rt (444) and or mission for this international abstract group, which was founded in 2008 to elevate people's understanding of abstract art.


Preparing for Dollhouse Show
March 2013 @ S.Dot Gallery

I am very excited about my show at S.Dot Gallery. Looking forward to hanging out with Dot and Dorrie while I hang my show. Click here to see how things are progressing. 


Lost Interviews - NTD and Pluto
The Pluto Files - Who wasn't bummed?

One cold wintery day in 2009 we gathered around to talk to the amazing Neil deGrasse Tyson. Sometimes the science dork takes over the art here to listen to his #1 fan boy asking him about the universe.


In the Studio
New space to make some art!

Click here to see my studio space.


Lost Interviews - Amanda Palmer
Cabaret at Fringe Festival in Scotland

This one goes way back to the Fringe Festival in Scotland, circa 2008. My friend Amy Hooton got a show photographer gig for Amanda Palmer. Click here to see the photos and interview.


Jewelry Designs
Bookmarks to Pagan prayer beads

A bit of a craftier side of the things I do...Click here to some of the jewelry designs that I create.


Methods of Abstraction
Different Ways to Think of Abstract

There are a few fun ways to come up with subject matter for abstract paintings. i discuss a couple here, along with some collaborations I have done in the past. Click here to learn more.


Inspirations for paintings and drawings


Click here to see some of the photos I take ...some end up being inspirations for paintings and drawings.


Pen & Ink
Illustrations in pen and ink

On occasion I create obsessively detailed line drawing. One day, when I have around twenty of them, I would love to publish a coloring book.

Click here to see what I have so far.


Art Workshops
​Abstract Painting and Acrylic Ink

I am now offering workshops in both abstract painting and techniques using acrylic ink. Click here for more information.


This Inspired That
Show at Open Door Studios with CAW

Information about the upcoming show at the Open Door Studios happening in April. Click here to read more about the concept of the show.

Sketchbook Love
​Creative Process

Trying to add items to my sketchbook regularly to help with my creative process. Click here to see some pages.


2014 Retrospective Calendar
Now Available

2014 Calendars are now available. Click here for more information.


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