The CAW Exchanges Show

Working on this show was a lot of fun and I learned a lot in the process. "Exchanges" is a showcase of artwork exploring the dynamics of mentorship. By blurring the roles of mentor and mentee, each participating artist gains new knowledge and inspiration. I was partnered with Maryann Crago, who is an artist who has moved from more 2D abstract to mixed media work. We were able to visit each other's studios during the months leading up to the show. We ended up doing a collaboration with birds, which I absolutely love. The individual work that I completed for the show was strongly influenced by my admiration of Frida Kahlo.

Some Birds Shine Brighter series: The Some Birds Shine Brighter series is a reflection on how one can see themselves fitting into the world as they walk (or fly) through life. Sometimes we may feel as though we are shining brightly, and sometimes we may think we are fading into the background while others around us glow with success or beauty. It is finding that balance needed to have the confidence and esteem to carry on through the challenges of life with grace and kindness, to others and to oneself.

Copyright 2018 Peggy Mintun

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