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"This Inspired That" Show

This show is a collaborative effort between the artists at Open Door Studio and the artist of CAW (Creative Arts of Women).

Each member of CAW chose a work from an artist from Open Door Art Studio that inspires them and then created a work as a companion piece to their work.


Open Door Art Studio

1050 Goodale Blvd.

Grandview Heights, OH


April 6 - May 31


Opening Reception:

April 6, 5:00-7:00 p.m.

THIS: Puff...


I chose a piece called "Puff" by artist Corey Sokolnicki. When we were at the CAW meeting we had a chance to walk around the gallery and choose a piece that would inspire our "that". I looked around and saw a red crab-like creature that looked awesome. I love things like Crabs and Trees...since my maiden name is Crabtree. But alas, that one was taken. But it was meant to be because I definitely have a thing for dragons. Fire breathing dragons, red dragons, evil dragons, and magical dragons. They are all awesome. So, I spied this painting hanging high up on the wall, out of my reach. "Puff". I love the colors...I dig working with greens, purples, reds and oranges. And, whether Corey meant it or not, I spy a calla lily on the top left. My plan is to use the same color pallet and include puffs of "smoke" and random lilies in the piece. We shall see how it goes. I really love these sorts of collaborations, so I am excited to get started on my "that".

THAT: Smoke & Lilies...

The Artist of Puff: Corey Sokolnicki


The level of excitement with which Corey Sokolnicki approaches a new artistic challenge is enviable. His frenetic illustrations capture his energy and it is no surprise that he enjoys drawing things that move. Cars, planes, and army tanks fill his many sketchbooks along with his imaginative “critters”. Corey aptly compares his style to Wassily Kandinsky who shares his affinity for bold lines and colorful geometric shapes. Corey enjoys both illustration and painting and many of his works are accompanied by an imaginative story. His love of art extends to his time outside of the studio. He is a huge supporter of the arts and attends many shows and festivals with his mother Sue. Corey currently shares a home in central Ohio with his wife, but has lived in several different states while growing up. Corey finds the creation of art to be extremely fun and all of his works emit his positive energy.

Another Show with CAW


Between now and April 6th, there is another show featuring the work of the women of CAW (Creative Arts of Women). The show will be on display March 1 until March 31st in the Riffe Center Lobby area.

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